Who ARE The People of Sea to Sky??

Why did I and so many other people move to the Sea to Sky area? I ask myself some days when I am homesick for the smell of my nieces and nephews, or my mother’s pie. Then I remember how I used to long to live on the Coast and how each time I visited I was scheming of ways to stay.  

It amazes me how many other people have similar stories. Sure there are the lucky ones who moved from the Lower Mainland and still can drive to visit family but not me. There is something that speaks to your soul when you hit the lush rain forest trails or strap on your skis and look upon the ocean and snow capped mountains that make anything seem possible.  

The people you meet in the Sea to Sky whether long time locals or transplants like me are a varied bunch. There is a tremendous amount artistic skill, trades and education in the lot. You have to be entrepreneurial, resourceful and open minded to survive.  There is just not the abundance of jobs that you will find in the major cities. But still we come…and more come…and so the Sea to Sky is growing, developing and changing though the majestic view is still the same.  There to stop us in our busy tracks to remind us of where we have come is just a journey.


  Nancy Hamilton is a realtor with RE/MAX Sea to Sky Real Estate in Squamish, BC. She also happens to be running for council of Area D.

Don’t forget to Vote on November 19th!

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