Live At Squamish- only days away! (+ Secret Saving Tip!)

For those of you on the fence about Live at Squamish, the answer is clear: just go.

The 2-day musical event featuring dozens of amazing bands surfaced last year as one of the surprise hits of the summer. And with this year’s diverse line-up and GREAT weather in the forecast, it will be another sure-thing.

Granted, for most people the musical offerings are somewhat obscure, but that is one of its greatest charms – the sheer diversity offers something for every musical taste- ensuring an interesting and pleasing melting pot of fans in attendance. But, more importantly, it gives us all an opportunity to hear something fresh – to break out of our musical shells, and discover something new. And you will.

Go back and read all of the positive reviews and feedback from last year and you will hear the same thing, over and over: “We went to hear {Band X} but we couldn’t believe how awesome {Bands Y, Z and Q} were! I had never heard of them before, but now I’m a big fan!” Seriously, how great is that?!

And that’s not the only positive.

The venue is a well-thought out one, with insanely beautiful views, and lots of space to spread out and control your degree of involvement. There are three zones with different offerings and atmospheres – surprisingly close enough together to time multiple act viewing with just a quick stroll, but acoustically separate so you don’t feel like you’re torn between venues. Seriously – how do they do it?

And the rest of the amenities are well thought-out. ATMs, free water, cel phone/camera battery charging stations, diverse food offerings and vendors, internet cafe, on-site camping, bike valet, as well as lots of beer gardens and portapotties.

Overall, this is a venue great for the entire family.

So, this is where we see if you’ve been paying attention, because right now you can STILL get discounted local tickets in advance ($130 for both days, $90 for one- gate pricing will be $190 and $110 respectively!) at Trinity Romance on 2nd Avenue or also at the Adventure Centre. Not too sure how much longer those will last, so HUSTLE!)

More info on bands and whatnot at:

THIS JUST IN: The good folks at Live at Squamish have just announced a FREEĀ  sneak-peek concert on Friday night at the Loggers Sports Grounds from 6 to 9 pm, featuring The Matinee, Kuba Ohms and My!Gay!Husband!

A young Squamish resident proves you're never too young to love good music!

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