Whistler’s not-so-secret Hidden Home

For years I’ve been researching home designs to build on our spot at Britannia Beach. We want something small but functional, with just enough space to have our friends over for dinner parties and not bump into one another, but not so much that the acoustics (or cleaning) become overwhelming.

Sarah Susanka has been an inspiration with her Not So Big series of books, and instrumental in launching – or at least popularizing- the small home movement. It’s been fun to see the incredible progress that  Smallworks lane housing in Vancouver has been making over the last couple of years, with affordable housing being so necessary, yet with population density harder to achieve with limited areas for expansion in some neighbourhoods.

And then there’s The HemLoft. A really funky egg-shaped 2 storey “treehouse” that Joel Allen built on Crown Land in Whistler. It’s incredibly small, but exceptionally beautiful. Similar to the cool tree spheres you can rent over on Vancouver Island. But just a little bit more…well, STUNNING!

It’s so cool that it was even featured in Dwell Magazine! But I had to learn about in on Pinterest, of all places!

Due to copyright laws, I can’t post any photos directly here, but I really recommend checking out the photos on their website. Click here to do so.

Gee, I wonder if it will fit into our building scheme!

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