Whistler Pride Guide

Has it really been 20 years? The advertisers of the upcoming WinterPRIDE 2012 claim that it’s been two decades since the inception of the notorious and highly acclaimed gay ski week started in Whistler. My, how time flies.

And, as can be expected, big things are planned to mark the 20th anniversary- which is expected to draw over 2500 attendees for the 8-day celebration, running February 5- 12th.

Whistler is known as a world-class destination for play- be it outdoors, or indoors. And WinterPRIDE takes complete advantage of the resort’s offerings.

Of course the restaurants, bars and club scene will be prominently featured with some spectacular parties and events.  Comedy night is always a big hit. There are pool parties, cowboy/cowgirl parties, a drag ball and the SnowBall on Saturday Feb 11th marks the finale of the festival.

Snowguides are available each day to assist skiers and snowboarders with getting their bearings on the hill. Riders of similar ability are matched up to tour the hill together, so if your friends are a bit too tired to check out the hill, fret not- you will easily meet up with others of your skill level to get in some runs and have a great time.  Once you get your snowlegs, be sure to participate in the charity race.

According to the website, Homorazzi, which claims to have actually been concieved in Whistler, there are some surefire tips to make the most of your WinterPRIDE experience:

  • Get your tickets early. In fact, splurge on the multi-day, all-events pass if you can. You never know where the day will take you. It is also recommended to arrive at events early, and purchase ample drink tickets at the start of the event, so you don’t spend most of your time in the ticket-buying line.
  • Go for as long as you can. This way you can experience all the great events, and enjoy the amazing atmosphere without burnout or regrets. This also gives you many opportunities to try something new- like the Gay Skeleton Experience day (no, not the actual human skeleton, but the actual SPORT, which is like going down a toboggan run, head-first). Check out the snowmobiling, tubing,  ice skating, bungee jumping, and – of course- don’t forget to actual go skiing or snowboarding while you’re there.
  • Hit the apres events. They’re the most fun of all, and a great way to meet people.
  • Take LOTS of photos. Whistler is a beautiful location, and tends to attract a lot of beautiful people. And sometimes it’s nice just to have a documented record of what you’ve done and seen. Just in case your memory gets a tad fuzzy…

Anyway, I’m sure you’ll figure it out. For more information, please check out the WinterPRIDE site at: http://gaywhistler.com/



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